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Len Magee TodayDespite Internet rumours Len is still alive and well and ministering. He lives on the Gold Coast of Australia, where he and his wife, Heather, pastor a small fellowship.

Although Len produced most of his music between 1973 and 1981, many people have still not forgotten the impact his ministry had on their spiritual lives. His music became so well known in Christian circles around the English speaking world, that it was no surprise when questions started to appear on the Internet, “Does anyone know what happened to Len Magee – is he still singing?” and “How can I get hold of his recordings?”

In response to these requests a compilation disk was produced in 2000 called Don’t Doubt His Love.  It included nineteen favourites from previous productions and one brand-new track after which the collection was named. But this didn’t seem to satisfy those who felt that many of their personal favourites had not been included. Finally Len was persuaded to have all nine of his albums digitally re-mastered. Over a hundred songs were extracted from mint condition vinyl records and tapes, and are now available for you to sample and download.

Those of you who have heard Len’s story will know that God took a suicidal, hippy drug addict and turned him into a man who lives to preach the Gospel. The six-year-old child sent from his home and family to the other side of the world, where he was raised in an institution, became, through the grace of God, a minister, teacher and pastor, as well as a loving husband and father. The deep pain and great joys of Len’s life resonate through the words of his songs, which are still quoted today; but more importantly, his honesty allows God’s Spirit to communicate deep truths to the listener.

Len writes the kind of music that is easy to listen to and impossible to forget – I promise you that some of these tunes will follow you for weeks, probably even the rest of your life – be warned! His style of music is varied and strangely undated. Whilst it will warm the hearts of those of us old enough to remember it from the first time around, I’ve no doubt that discerning younger listeners will also find it engaging.

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